Karl May
From one man’s desire to escape the world emerged a fantasy that captured the imagination of an entire nation. more
Vanity Insanity
This popular documentary series returns for its second season with 26 new half-hour episodes of hard-hitting Hi Definition television providing the straight answers about the real cost of beauty. more
Keeping It Real
Think cosmetic surgery is the only way to truly reverse time’s influence on your aging face and body?  Think again. more
Bloodsucking Cinema
This one-hour television special looks at the origins of the vampire myth, its evolution and its entry into cinema’s storytelling lexicon, focusing on the endurance of the theme as well as the advances made in the execution of its telling – primarily in the last twenty years of Hollywood movie history . more
Secret Files Of The Inquisition
This multi-million dollar, HD documentary series takes a hard-hitting look at the personalities and the motivations behind 200 years of unprecedented upheaval and turmoil in Europe. more
The Faerie Queen
This dance piece is set in a castle outside Victoria, B.C. Theseus is marrying Hippolyta. Everything fades to black, except for the moon, and then suddenly Puck appears alone in the glowing light. more
Ghost Towns of Canada
From coast to coast, Canada's Ghost Towns are a record of pioneer triumph and pain preserved not on paper, but in rotting wood frame structures, overgrown gardens and forgotten towns. more
A World in Celebration
This unique documentary series travels the world and throughout history to reconnect modern audiences with the lost meanings and hidden origins of popular celebrations. more
Secret War: The Odyssey of the Suffield Volunteers
During the Second World War the Canadian government experimented on its own soldiers at a remote base in the Alberta prairies. Had these tests been done on enemy soldiers they would be labeled as war crimes. more
How the Fiddle Flows
Produced for the National Film Board of Canada, this unique musically inspired documentary traces the roots of Metis fiddle music from its Celtic beginnings right across the prairies to the Rocky Mountains. more
Easter Island: Mystery and Magic
Easter Island: Mystery and Magic is the first documentary to focus on the rise and fall of the Rapa Nui people. A story with a message that all too closely parallels the situation facing the inhabitants of Island Earth. Bringing HDTV quality to the unforgettable images of Easter Island will create a documentary that will remain visually outstanding for generations to come. more