Timothy Bond

Kirk Shaw
James Shavick

Elisa Donovan
Cheryl Ladd
Sebastian Spence

From the outside, superstar marketing executive Eve Stevens has it all. A stunning penthouse in New York City, dinners in the finest restaurants and affairs with rich and powerful men. However, she is overcome with emptiness, sadness and regret. Eight years ago, she was at a crossroads. Surrounded by close friends, a loving family and just days before her wedding, she received the job offer she always dreamed of and turned her back on everything she cherished. She broke off the engagement, left her small town home and never went back.

Now, on a melancholy Christmas Eve, her guardian angel is presenting her with an incredible Christmas wish. He's taking her back in time and giving her seven days to live her old life and decide if she wants to do anything differently the second time around. In the spirit of "It's a Wonderful Life" and "The Family Man," this special story is an emotional, inspiring, warm-hearted film for the holidays. One of the highest rated Christmas movies in Lifetime history.